Aktuarnica v oktobru

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» If all you have is a hammer, everything does NOT look like a nail: The when, where and how of deep learning «

Na fakulteti za matematiko in fiziko Univerze v Ljubljani bo v oktobru na obisku profesor Diego Klabjan. V času svojega obiska bo pripravil tudi posebno predavanje za strokovnjake iz aktuarstva. To predavanje bo dvodelno: v ponedeljek 8. oktobra in v torek 9. oktobra s pričetkom ob 16.00 v predavalnici 2.02 v prostorih fakultete na Jadranski ulici 21, Ljubljana.

Predavanje bo predvidoma trajalo dvakrat po tri ure, za člane društva SAD je udeležba brezplačna.


Vsebina predavanja:

There are abundant stories about deep learning creating a new revolution. Nevertheless, general artificial intelligence is currently out of reach and yet we seem to attack every data-related problem through the lenses of deep learning and artificial intelligence. The old fashion linear regression has still numerous use cases and is widely used in practice, but nobody is talking about it. Despite the prevalent view that deep learning can tackle every problem, artificial intelligence solutions should not be used by default. We start by exhibiting foundational technical knowledge of deep learning following by a discussion of attributes of problems amenable to deep learning solutions. Several use cases from insurance and other areas will be presented together with underlying models. Deep learning viz-a-viz traditional machine learning is going to be debated with the focus on when to use either one technique.


O predavatelju:

Diego Klabjan is a professor at Northwestern University, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences. He is also Founding Director, Master of Science in Analytics and Director, Center for Deep Learning. After obtaining his doctorate from the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering of the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1999 in Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization, in the same year he joined the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In 2007 he became an associate professor at Northwestern and in 2012 he was promoted to a full professor. His research is focused on machine learning, deep learning and analytics (modeling, methodologies, theoretical results) with concentration in finance, insurance, sports, and bioinformatics. Professor Klabjan has led projects with large companies such as Intel, Baxter, Allstate, AbbVie, FedEx Express, General Motors, United Continental, and many others, and he is also assisting numerous start-ups with their analytics needs. He is also a founder of Opex Analytics LLC.


Datum in čas dogodka
  8.- 9.10.2019 od 16.00 do 19.00
predavalnica 2.02
Fakulteta za matematiko in fiziko
Jadranski ulica 21, Ljubljana